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7 février 2009 6 07 /02 /février /2009 00:38
Avant de se coucher , on monte éteindre l'ordi, un dernier coup d'oeil sur son blog, on zap chez l'un chez l'autre ..On tire un fil ,un autre; on passe par San Francisco ,le Connecticut  et puis il est 0h45 et on est chez

Gera Scott Chandler

que je vous présente...

La meva foto

Quant a mi

The first time I ever used polymer clay was to make a funky pair of Kandinsky inspired dangly earrings to match a painting I had in a show when I was a student at Emily Carr College of Art and Design in 1989. I detoured from art school when I had my children but after getting a computer and logging into my very first internet-based arts community in 1994 I rediscovered my creative self and spent a few years immersed in self-directed explorations in papier mache, paper-making and book arts. One day I needed to figure a way to drill a hole through a pebble to add as an accent for a project I was working on. It came to mind to try to make a stone with polymer clay. Making the little Beachstones was so much fun I joined an online polymer clay group and was drawn into a innovative community of artists who are fascinated by this wonderfully adaptive medium that is making inroads in the art world. I've been a full time polymer clay artist for over twelve years now I'm loving it! Gera

c'est ça..

Fusion Bangle par aMused Creations

ou bien....
ou encore...

Polymer Clay Clock- par aMused Creations

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nath 07/02/2009 09:23

petite visite a faire!!!!

Florence 07/02/2009 17:39

Quelle plastic utilises-tu pour tes lampes à poser?




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